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Defective Auto Product Claims in Houston, Texas​


Poor Corporate Construction

Auto accidents don’t only happen because of reckless drivers. Large automotive corporations can sometimes cut corners in an attempt to save money. As a result, every year thousands of people are injured due to improper manufacturing techniques and practices. If you’ve been a victim of faulty vehicle construction, we have the legal team that will work to earn you the restitution you are owed. 

Not Your Fault

Auto product liability is a result of one of two factors: an improperly constructed or dangerously designed product. Even if the poorly manufactured item is only a single part of a vehicle, it is still liable for damages. This applies to any component that prevents the automobile from safely functioning. 

What to Watch For

There are many malfunctions that can be responsible for compromising the safety of your vehicle. We have provided a list of the most common automotive faults. 

Seat Belt Defects

A seat belt that fails to keep you within your seat during a collision is not properly made. Latches becoming unbuckled or poorly sewn webbing that tears easily are all factors in substandard safety belt construction.  

Tire Blowouts

While many tire blowouts are a result of a driver running over something sharp, they can also result from poor manufacturing. Having a professional inspect the tires will help determine which element caused your accident. 

Defective Auto Glass

The glass in your windshield is specially designed for protection from impact. An ill-fitting shield or improperly tempered glass can lead to catastrophic injuries. 

Roof Cave-Ins

If the frame of your car is weak, it could lead to dangerous hazards, such as roof cave-ins. We’ll help you determine if your vehicle was constructed with defects. 

Fires or Explosions

Unlike what you’ve seen in the movies, cars are not designed to easily blow up. If your vehicle lit on fire or exploded after your collision, seek professional legal aid. 

Air Bag Defects

Your air bag is essential in protecting you from flying debris and concussive impact. A defective bag is an extreme liability and could cause a fatality. ​


Our Team of Legal Experts

Do you suspect that a poorly manufactured automotive part or product caused your accident? At Jerome O. Fjeld & Associates PLLC, we will help you file your claim for the company’s liability. We will work not only to earn your restitution but to prevent such accidents from happening to other unsuspecting drivers.