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Legal Defense for Dog Bite Victims in Houston, Texas​

Legal Defense for Dog Bite Victims in Houston, Texas

One Bite Is All It Takes

Canine attacks are extremely serious incidents. Not only can they cause potentially severe injuries, but they can engender a lifelong fear of dogs in the victim. If you’ve been bitten by someone’s pet, get the help you need to earn restitution. 

Proving Culpability

Texas has implemented statutes to protect dog bite victims. If the attacked party wishes to recover damages, they must prove two major points. The first is that the dog’s owner was aware of previous attacks or the generally aggressive nature of their animal. The second is that they must show that the owner was negligent in preventing their pet from biting the injured party.
An example of an owner failing to properly monitor their dog is if they allowed it to freely roam around the neighborhood. If the animal then bit you while you were taking a walk, the owner would be held responsible for not properly leashing or locking up their pet. 

Exceptions to These Assertions

There are two defenses that dog owners may claim. The first is a lack of knowledge that the dog was aggressive. This should be based on previous encounters and general behavior. The second defense is that the victim was trespassing on the owner’s property. 

We’ll Fight for You

At Jerome O. Fjeld & Associates PLLC, we will help you compile your case against the owner of the aggressive animal. You will rest assured knowing that there are no attorney fees unless we win.