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Auto Accident Injury Attorney in Houston, Texas

The Highway Heavyweight

A truck collision is one of the most catastrophic accidents that can occur. It is also the most likely to cause serious injuries or fatalities. With the growth of modern civilization, large shipping vehicles are more common on the road than they’ve ever been. If you’ve been in an accident involving a truck, ensure that you have qualified legal representation.

The Risk Factors

While most truck drivers are adequately trained, accidents still happen. Operating such large machinery is difficult and the risk of a catastrophic accident is only multiplied by the size of the vehicle. As a result, there may be a number of factors that lead to semitruck collisions.

Improper Training

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers are properly trained. Inadequate instructions can lead to incorrect driving techniques, lack of knowledge of safety regulations and reckless roadway habits. A driver who was not sufficiently taught is far more likely to cause an accident.

Poor Business Practices

Some trucking companies offer compensation that encourages faster speeds and more consecutive hours spent on the road. This decreases vital resting time while increasing the chance of a fatal accident by escalating the acceleration of the vehicle.

Competitive Shipping

Trucks are primarily used for shipping. This means that the companies who hire them are counting on timely pickup and delivery dates. When businesses give drivers unreasonable expectations, it often leads to reckless practices that cause accidents.

Our Legal Expertise

If you’ve been in a collision involving a truck, don’t try to handle the fallout by yourself. At Jerome O. Fjeld & Associates PLLC, we will use our years of experience to defend your rights and work to get you fair reparation.